Welcome to the Compassion Practices themselves

Here you will find six basic practices for three different settings: individuals, groups and teams.

Pick which one suits your situation and then have a look at the resources available – you should have everything you need to get going immediately.

We advise that it is better to have participated in a practice before facilitating one so you have a sense of how it looks and feels. People also find it helpful to co-facilitate the practice with a colleague, particularly in the early stages. It is also wise to consider what other support could help you in holding this space for others. This is quite personal as each of us is different; the Help & Guidance page offers some resources and ideas.

For Groups and Teams:

The 60-minute Compassion Circle is the original practice as developed by Andy Bradley and colleagues. So, if you can make an hour, this is probably the place to start. It includes an exploration into enabling and inhibiting factors.

20-minute Care Space was developed for people who are pressed for time. It offers an opportunity to explore what is happening right now.

10-minute Pause Space was designed as a short practice for small groups when time is challenging, and it offers a more ‘beginner’ opportunity to explore self-care.

For Individuals and Pairs:

The 5-minute Me Space is further distilled for use by people when by themselves, or working in a pair.

Each of the other practices addresses specific needs, so feel free to explore!

Compassion Circle (60 minutes)

The original! This practice provides a spacious opportunity for people across your organisation to listen, connect, think and commit to self-care and embedding compassion within our systems and communities.

Find out more and download the practice here…

20-minute Care Space

For groups of people from across your organisation to meet, listen to each other and commit to self care. It is a great way to give people a space to cope with the stresses of a complex and pressured work environment.

Find out more and download the practice here…

20-minute Team Space

This short practice provides your team with a quick way to stop, re-connect and re-energise in the midst of a busy schedule. It is focused, fun and effective.

Find out more and download the practice here…

60-minute Team Space

This longer team practice is for when you can invest a little more time in your team’s cohesiveness, systems and care for each other. It will produce insights, bonding and motivation.

Find out more and download the practice here…

10-minute Pause Space

This 10-minute practice is for a small group of people to help each other find the space to re-set, recharge and re-commit to self care. It can be used by anyone, in any setting, and was designed to be useful when time is at a premium, or in challenging times.

Find out more and download the practice here…

5-minute Me Space

This practice gives you 5 peaceful minutes by yourself to help you unwind, re-connect to yourself and commit to self care. It can also be used with a colleague or friend, if you prefer. There is an audio guidance if you would like to use it.

Find out more and download the practice here…

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”

Plato (428-348)
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